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April 2013. The recently created Ahuenco Foundation purchased the 444 ha Rio...

In recent weeks, the biological reserve Huilo Huilo received two important...

September. The effort will compile information of all types of initiatives,...

June 2012. On average, Chile´s private and community protected areas would...

March 1st 2012. An estimated 30% of this reptile´s habitat was burned.

An important benchmark was reached with the signing of a framework cooperation...


ASI Conserva Chile



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Who We Are

Our members are propertry owners large and small; families, foundations, universities, indigenous and rural communities; tourism and real estate companies, and people that -without owning land- want to support our efforts. In spite of our differences, we are united by the desire to create protected areas within our territory. Together we created Así Conserva Chile: the Association of Conservation Initiatives on Private and Indigenous Lands.

Our objective is to promote the protection of our territory, bringing together the strength of people and organizations interested in working together for sustainable development in its environmental, economic, and social facets.   

Together we seek the suport, legal framework, and social recognition that will make this vision come true. Together we protect our land for future generations and support each other in the difficult task we have joyfully taken upon ourselves.


Flip through this beautiful digital book and become familiar with the initiatives that are a part of ASI CONSERVA CHILE A.G.